Game Development

We aim to provide players with a greater appreciation for all kinds of science by developing games that foster curiosity, creativity, and skepticism. Check back in the future for more information on our work!

Unity Asset Store

Airtight tools and workflows are the foundation for everything we do. We make some of our best tools available on the Unity Asset Store. Visit our publisher page or developer forum to learn more, or contact us if you need help.


We consult on a wide range of products, from commercial entertainment to education and research. In addition to our technical specialties, we're well-versed in major theoretical perspectives in the learning sciences. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about your needs.


Adam Mechtley

Lead Developer

Adam has been a professional game developer since 2004. He has worked as a technical artist and software engineer, as well as authored a book on Python programming in Autodesk Maya. He is currently a software developer at Unity Technologies and is finishing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where his research has focused on using computational methods to aid the study of situated epistemic cognition in computer games.


Laurel Klein, MEd

Lead Writer

Laurel is an author and curriculum designer with over a decade of experience and a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to having taught in public schools, she has developed and led programs for formal and informal learning environments with organizations such as the Desert Botanical Gardens, Futura Language Professionals, and Edgenuity. Since 2006, she has worked primarily in the field of virtual and online education. Laurel specializes in at-risk populations and learner engagement.


Matt Mechtley, PhD

Lead Scientist

Matt previously completed a stint as a visiting scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, and holds an Astrophysics PhD from Arizona State University. His work has focused on using data from the Hubble Space Telescope to model high-redshift quasar host galaxies. Matt has also worked as a game programmer on titles for the web and iPhone, and he enjoys building novel input devices for games and interactive simulations. He currently works as a client engineer for Dire Wolf Digital.